snowwhite890911 (snowwhite890911) wrote,

Meet 26.02.11 in Thorn ^^

Yesterday we meet in cafe "Roses and Zen", we was only three but it was really nice meeting. Me and Ofelia was in lolita outfits and Kirke was in some vintage cloths.
Sorry for bad quality photos but we are not the best photographer -.-'.

Kirke outfit

Accessories: offbrand
Dress and boots: second-hand
Bag and coat: offbrand

Ofelia outfit

Accessories: roses in hair, Blouse, Dress, Boots: Body Line
Coat: Infanta

Rest: Offbrand

My outfit

Shoes, Tote, Skirt, headbow: Body Line
Rest: Offbrand
Tags: lolita, meet, poland

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