Meet Hitoshi and Snowwhite

We meet today with Hitoshi for a walk, ice cream and short trip to the gallery. The day was really nice. What to say same photos, but only one together what a pity ;).




Hitoshi outfit rundown:
Blouse - Punk rave
Skirt - Bodyline
rest - offbrand

Snow outfit rundown:
Skirt, tote, shoes - Bodyline
socks - H&M
wig - ebay
rest - offbrand

TV visit

My outfit:

About few days ago I was in tv. I was a guest in polish program "Rozmowy w toku" it's like a talk show. That was really adventure and I think it wans't bad at all.

Meet 26.02.11 in Thorn ^^

Yesterday we meet in cafe "Roses and Zen", we was only three but it was really nice meeting. Me and Ofelia was in lolita outfits and Kirke was in some vintage cloths.
Sorry for bad quality photos but we are not the best photographer -.-'.

Kirke outfit

Accessories: offbrand
Dress and boots: second-hand
Bag and coat: offbrand

Ofelia outfit

Accessories: roses in hair, Blouse, Dress, Boots: Body Line
Coat: Infanta

Rest: Offbrand

My outfit

Shoes, Tote, Skirt, headbow: Body Line
Rest: Offbrand

Bodyline order

It's arrived today it was really quick it was in 3 days!

First is my lovely bag with bears. It's cute and will be really usefully for me.

Yellow carousel. I'm addicted to it *.*... My first really sweet lolita thing. I have matchy tote to it :).

I can't wait to morning to post it :).

Review Infanta Emperor and Nightingale JSK wine

I order from I order when in Chinse was New Year time so send goes to me a month. It's not bad I think.
And finally she's mine :D! I'm so happy :).

The package look like this when arrived :

Mister Martin was so kind, he wrote a lower price declaration on package plus he sends it on the present! So fee can't be for this ;). Amazing :).

Package dont look so good but indeed this was really well do. For free is long bubble wrap packing ;P.

When I extract it from bubble wrap it look like this:

My camera is sucks and don't get any special of how good look this dress in real

Dress kolor in second edition is like a deep wine color, absolutely perfect.

Details of the bird cage :

And lace, my have pattern with umbrellas ;)!


Contact with shop is excellent, package goes a little bit long . But it's normal for shop in Chines.
The quality is awesome. Lace is cotton and really nice. Once thing I don't like is bows in west they didn't look good, and zipper isn't strong be careful when you zip up. That was my the best purchase! It worth any penny, my happines it's never end ^^.